Accounting, Book Keeping and Reporting

Kumbrau provides a professional Accounting and Book Keeping Services in compliant with IFRS and other applicable Local Laws/standards. Our professional team is specialized in Consolidation, Branch Accounting and other complex accounting transactions up to the finalization of Book of Accounts. Our team delivers complete Management and Financial Reports along with the desired analysis.

We have separate team of Audit and Advisory Services, who performs different types of Audit - Statutory, Internal, Concurrent and Special Purpose Audit.

A highly specialized team of Advisory Services performs special purpose assignments customized according to the need of the customer.

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We are into the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) business serving On-Shore as well as Off-Shore clients. Our professional team is capable to take the assignment and resume services within agreed time line and perform professionally.

Our Shared Services wing works on the various recurring processes (including Payroll, Procurement, Billings, Data Analytics, CRM, etc.) for our clients to enable those focuses on their core business.

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CFO Services

Kumbrau believes a third party monitoring and professional consulting at strategic management level is always beneficial to the Growing, Medium and Large size entity.

We provide a high end professional CFO Services to manage the Financial and other Strategic affairs. Our CEO & Managing Partner himself is an Ex-CFO with 20+ years of rich experience of driving Strategy, establishing the Corporate Governance, writing Policies & Procedures, managing IPO, Mergers & Acquisitions, etc. He has been Board Member of various entities too.

Under his direct supervision, our team performs various high end professional and strategic assignments. We also provide Facilitation Services to Investors (from identifying the right Target to closer of the Deal) and to the entities seeking Investments.

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Company Formation & Secretarial Services

Kumbrau provides A to Z services of Company Formation in UAE (in Free Zones or with Local Partners too), GCC and other part of the globe.

We provide a complete insight and cost benefit analysis to our clients. Our expert team gives a fair consultation based upon the various driving factors including ease of business, local laws, and other relevant considerations.

Post formation of the company, we also provide other Corporate Secretarial and Compliance Services to our clients.

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Education / Training

Kumbrau provides a wide range of Academic and Professional Classes. We reach to our students via live classroom arrangements as well as online classes. We are committed to provide a quality education and helping students / working professionals to succeed in their career.

Our highly qualified team helps students to plan their examination and then execute scientifically. Our Research Team works on updating the exam preparation methodology and provides the most possible easiest way to learn. We believe in “Learn n Fun” approach. Our Students enjoy the learning process and perform their optimum.

Kumbrau is an established Professional Training Provider helping fresher and experienced professionals to grow faster in their career.

We operate our Educational / Training wing thru our official Portal

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Manpower / Recruitment Services

Kumbrau is an established Manpower Consultancy Company providing a wide range of HRM services to clients. We work as a Head Hunter for CxO positions and other executive Level openings.

Our Management has experience of interviewing and screening of more than 80,000 white collar candidates from different professions. We provide a complete quality Recruitment Services.

Our one of the teams, work for Blue Collar Recruitment too.

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Management Consultancy

We provide a complete range of Management Consultancy, helping our clients to establish and achieve their strategic goals. We offer customized solution to our clients considering their complete business dynamics and management’s Mission and Vision.

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Taxation Consultancy

Kumbrau provides a complete range of Taxation consultancy to its clients. Our Team consists of Qualified Chartered Accountants and Taxation experts. Though the Taxation (VAT) is new to the UAE and all the GCC Countries, but our team has experience of Taxation (Direct and Indirect Taxes) in India and other countries having long and complex taxation history .We provide complete taxation consultancy from advisory to planning level and deal with all the complexities of International Tax Laws.

Our Team has complete study and implementation capabilities of newly introduced VAT in all the GCC countries. We provide end to end services related to the VAT returns and the statutory compliances.

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Other Services

Apart from the above services, KUMBRAU provides other customized and need based services too.

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